Thursday, October 9, 2008

From the poem The Strength to Turn the Page:
by Donny Duke

That do us no harm,
The BBC.
We’re surrounded by news media.
There is a light there.
It doesn’t shine bright enough to see.
It is a huge denial
Of the hidden depths.
It gives factual reports

On doubtful truth.
There’s a waiting agenda.
Men manipulate this medium.
In the party,
You put him in with me.
The news media becomes an accomplice
To control thought,
Ever reaching an opinion
That has no good news.
I don’t mean to be rude.
What’s happened is the phone’s ringing.
I’m gonna let her do twenty times today.
Thank you.
I got my eye on you.
She was giving me a true story.
That’s what she was doing.
Can truth be out of shape?
Can it draw conjecture lines
To falsehood?
Daddy put me to sleep.

What would we do if we opened her temple
And found tribute there?
An oil company perhaps,
The making politician,
Or a religion’s standardizing colony.
Every time,
Bugs and bananas.
Here Dina,
Bring that up on the table.
You know who I am:
Right before living,
The half-life that relies on fear,

So soft,
So powerful,
So convincing.
I wait for your dime to move.
Man I lead to disaster
By every known road.
Are you scared?
Doesn’t sound good
Is your average reply.
In government know
– Had him in his lap a lot –

Can give control.
We do what we do.
Now that it’s in front of you
Not bury it somewhere.
We’ll be right back after this message.
Budget on same insistent inquiry
That was aired
On the news.
Our budget
Is a collective congregation
Doing what was told them.
Hardly any members at all
That what they’re doing
– Come here don’t you? –
Isn’t very nice:
Making disaster
So much closer
Because they’re so scared.
They usually sit twelve hours,
The divine help,
Before giving answer.
Put ‘em in there.
Do you know what you came with?
Have you a clean conscience?
I’m not blowing you some confused.
You’re not moving
From that dominating State idea
More important
Than every individual.

Well it may happen.
You just need to check your pulse,
What’s motivating you and why.
One day maybe you won’t be able to.

(If you’d like to read more of my verse but written not for the Yoga specifically but for the world at large –socio/political/spiritual– or have some inspired poetry of your own to submit I have a non-literary poetry ezine of instrumental verse:

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