Friday, April 17, 2009

Volume 2 Issue 3 April 2009

What is the first human power?
I give you long
Reason for it.
That's what we lack.
This person that I am has been a boulder
To yours.
Just have to remove it.
You would come out wide.
You wouldn't be there
Or mean.
I've got some things to show for this.
He's gonna show
Directions to Supermind.
What did he do?
He gave you a proper story,
An offering of knowledge.
My proposal:
Get away
From the polish of form.
We splashed in our foreheads
And panned anger,
Threw that judicial out.
What do I do?
Read folks
A chipmunk story guide.
Getting used to the medium
Of all this shared web
Douglas made a movie.
One day it might slip-sword awake in meditation
If the mirror,
This process chipmunk,
Is good wrestle with the students.
You're from the seminary.
I'm from the price is right,
A full-bodied sadhana.

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