Tuesday, February 5, 2013

vol.3:1 intro

Volume 3 Issue 1 –February 2013
                                                                             by Devan Duke

There’s been a robbery.
You gotta be careful.
Got this kid named Harold
Too ordinary to understand
Reality’s been stolen.
Push button
There he is
With his Gestapo.
His reality
From the moment you woke up,
His in soprano.

To cope with the Eternal’s thought and the transient’s will.
Large and ranging its people over engaging.
If there was any doors open
Bigger than the state
On peace and liberty.
If I go ugly after midnight.
There’s Jim with his hair.
We got his momma too.
I don’t excuse me.
Prior to man it
Matches the efficiency of who I am
With course for change.
Don’t take it personal.
The Chipmunk Press
Will you.
I’ve come all the way back to society.
You won’t find me today
Blocking the 13th amendment.


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