Saturday, February 1, 2014

vol. 3:2 intro

Volume 3 Issue 2 - February 2014

                       Introducin' Lucy, she's a friend
by Devan Duke

by Mugu

Can see campus,
Open door.
Lookin’ starboard
There’s some net ear rings:
Alma clear radio.

What’s this world we’re keepin’ for our own eyes?
To see it would involve
Solvin’ it
(There’s a lot of middle)
And every once in awhile
Show you
A day’s work.

A day’s water
Will make you a long time
Enhance this image.
Show the education.

Table of Contents

Part 1   From First From Within

                  An article on dreams

Part 2   Rendezvous in Muse

                  An article on bringing down music

Part 3   Dor-Vok

                  A short story

Part 4   The Blue Eye

                  A short story (click 'older posts')

Part 5   The Capture of a Killer

                  It's a story; touch the end of a dream

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