Friday, December 5, 2008

Extracts taken from the poetry diary
The Strength to Change the Heart,
A Transformational Journal

by Donny Duke

My memory be it, saw itself of it
Expressing world rhyme.
Worshiped face,
It had a limiting figure.
Infinity held an open view.
It labored beneath that
A sumless total.
That held all things,
Yet closer to me than Nature's touch.
Wide burnings moved in me deep
Of this alone unfathomable.
This was no terrible laugh.
It held all movement safe.
A limitless figure,
It looked on me with a smile.
I rejoiced in its solitude
And bore alone its touch.
Great kingdoms came by
Of love's reach,
And I hold all vision one.
This was alone my mind's absolute,
Spirit available,
The business I'm under the stars.
Where did it come from?
The joy of waking worlds it said.
There my pen lay,
The context of a poem.

* * * *

How standardized everything is,
How in sync.
The movement of one tops off another.
A secret unity tops off life.
We live in this world unawares
The village is our lives.
I'd surrender your flag.
I'm a mountain on social concern.
Will happy we flower unity-wise?
We'd throw our money the top ship.
This army hurts.
Before we can come together we have to see who we are.
Is this a pretty mechanism?
In our attachment to world pain,
Feel it?
The bottom dregs is the answer.
Look we must lift up here.
Everybody has a soul to earn,
But that's not our unity point.
A deeper still remains to be seen.
We grow oneness in origin.
The One would answer that clan.
Oneness breathes who we are.
And this connection sticks in the mud.
Oneness would not have us port here.
A simple message:
Oneness our lives in good;
Oneness our lives in bad.
At the top we see the hidden field.
Oneness pervades every base.
We come home this way.
Wide this message to your sleep.
It has this oneness curve.
We'd be alive all that is.
Naturally that just turns us around.
Don't bother your brother.
He's liable to be you.
Breakfast this accord.
It is reality's view.

* * * *

Society’s sea is a living sea.
Society and purpose are one.
Why don’t you meet me?
It’s excellent.
The water.
The truth about empire:
We received an onvelope.
It had a picture
That mapped the whole world.
Get big as it’s getting bigger.
Alright just count it
Nine and twelve
Making big
Thunder’s reason.
"Excuse me,
Can’t find the dime."
You wanna make sure you’re free to your canvas.
Is the point lost?
A wayward test
Given this now.
Society just loses its aim.
It can’t hold on to the picture.
An animal colony fit to survive
Becomes its guess work.
The rain finally called fertile guidance.
Now I understand
Social disease
Comes from this aimlessness.
We suffer badly.
And great is our confused.
Our religion sums it up,
What you thinking about now
Where purpose can be found –
And a denomination sector.
There is no unity in this accord.
Our purpose lags behind.
We just throw it spears.
Our purpose can be found in a single leaf.
It’s in the design
Of Nature’s arboretum.
"I didn’t know that."
Here we reach human unity
And a deep fellowship with our growing Earth
Because we will be united in purpose.
I hope everything works alright.
It is a natural accord.
"You gonna finish it?"
We have these long pauses.
Who’s to say we’re still at large?
Purpose may be winding up.
It’s as natural as air.
You would divvy it up
In home sectors.
You might find out,
As you view your room
And want something larger to understand,
A whole note.
Keep going.
You have One to understand.
It is a waiting integer.
Milk daddy.
What you do.
You need a face off,
Some hole of confidence test.
It will arrange your room.
You will try to integrate it into your personality.
"I don’t get it."
Get out of my way:
There you think most.
Integration currents
Would you say aloud?
Whatever the problem,
I’ll walk the loop when I close the door.
We can see solution
As the best possible make up
On all sides concerned.
Well I promise to keep up good work.
Will you let it in,
This wholeness measure?
A bomb left.
You just buckle down your fort.
"Damn thing could explode."
Here we find purpose,
But before you
Integrate it
You throw it away.
That and you
Keep a close eye on
Your personal life at stake,
Your ego boundaries.
"Where’s all this leading?"
To a united purpose.
Our problems multiply
As we solve them wrong.
This will bell in our tower eventually.
Now back to square one.
We’ll get our picture taken
(He’s a good actor)
So we don’t look good.
Somebody beautiful
Well have to pass out this message
To get it across.
You don’t listen to wrong man speaks.
Well you should.
They carry what it’s worth.
I don’t have to say
Our purpose.
It’s in your eyes right now.
But let me pull down some trees
To see the forest better.
Yes the vital would have to be dealt with.
Is our waiting regard,
The purpose that society reaches for.
When we are united on this front
Our world will be healed
And our race become divine.
Look inevitable
These things
Whether or not you agree to them.
But of course
Agree now come closer soon.
I give you
My close up point.
Here, integrate it.

* * * *

I've neglected to mention
That we have
One item of sorrow
Be business,
Will be in business.
It's a psychic feeling deep.
The encounter of pain or wrong
Out in the world
We respond to with sorrow.
It's not an affliction
Or a heavy load.
There's a sweetness
As you feel
Sorry for them.
It's lovingkindness
As it leans over pain.
The pain is not your own.
"No matter what happens?"
Yeah but you're not catching.
It's just a slip to come to school.
Did you see this one?
I saw a little bit of it out in the field.
He didn't ask for anything.
I just felt his pain.
That's the commanding presence.
It was ushering both of you towards managing
A better presence on life.
Retrieve this arm.
Don't stick it in the mud,
And don't let it get wet.
It will help us repair the world
In the blossom of time.
Manage Drake.
It's up on that balcony,
All this attitude.
It help you:
There's God.
Let other people get used to it.
This is not encounter wars.
There you are in a room giving off warmth.
You don't have to be demonstrative.
The relationship you're having is an inner turn
As you encounter God out in someone's presence.
This is the secret to all relationship,
And your source of happiness.
You wouldn't need to speak it aloud.
Your eyes glow
A friendship touch.

* * * *

Think it doesn't appear in the dictionary?
It doesn't.
You won't find it in our use.
Right up to the master of the house.
We're at a lose for words.
We can't button its program.
Congenial means giving a little preference to everybody.
It's holistically arranged.
Congenial means giving a little presence to everybody.
How often I meet you,
And you're the one who's there.
There's something happened.
It's a harmony measure.
There, a little help.
Goodwill backs its field exercise.
"Does that mean you can do anything,
And congenial'll come by and bail you out?"
That's what it says in the dictionary
Of holistic letters.
We need a strong horse
To move us out of wrong.
Congenial takes its time,
Arranges, plans ahead,
So it can order right.
I made myself useful.
Congenial can take the worst felon
And turn him around.
One positive thing,
It will find it.
You would find your school clothes are current,
And the cover too.
They would be congenially arranged.
Eternity wrought that face never before in a vision.
If you take things very slowly
You understand.

(If you’d like to read more of my verse but written not for the Yoga specifically but for the world at large –socio/political/spiritual– or have some inspired poetry of your own to submit I have a non-literary poetry ezine of instrumental verse:

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